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Florida Hospital Cancer Institute

Orlando, Florida

"Oncology Solutions was instrumental in helping us develop our cancer institute. Their expertise and professionalism was paramount. The style of the way they work makes you feel like they are part of your team -- not just an external consultant."

Leslie Aldrich

McLaren Health Care - Lapeer Region

Flint, Michigan

"Oncology Solutions helped McLaren recognize substantial opportunities for growth, expense reduction and standardization in our system wide oncology service line. Their expertise and professional insight helped us create a vision and implementation strategy to take our cancer program to the next level."

Bart Buxton

Seton Healthcare Family

Austin, Texas

"I was very impressed with Oncology Solutions professionalism and expertise, especially the sound methodology used for projecting the short and long term needs of the community."

May Chouteau
Planning Consultant

Danbury Hospital

Danbury, Connecticut

"It was a pleasure working with Oncology Solutions. [Their] ability to make both the physicians and the hospital feel that they were being represented appropriately is a unique skill, not often replicated in the industry."

Patricia Tietjen, MD

University of South Alabama

Mobile, Alabama

"Within the oncology industry, there is only one firm that our team identified with more than 30 years experience with academic cancer program planning and implementation.  That firm was Oncology Solutions.  When their consultants began working with us, we only had the concept of developing a comprehensive cancer institute at the University of South Alabama and we relied heavily on the experience and expertise of Oncology Solutions.  They were extremely savvy at negotiating the "onco-politics" that so many academic institutions face.  And, with their guidance through clinical, research, facilities, recruitment and scientific lab planning, today the USA-Mitchell Cancer Institute has over 100 employees, has garnered over 125 million dollars in federal, state and local support and construction is underway on a 120,000 square foot integrated clinical and research building.  Oncology Solutions was instrumental in charting this course and we are now positioned with the right organizational structure and facility to meet our goals in the coming years."

Margaret Sullivan
Deputy Director for Project Management

Wayne Hospital

Greenville, Ohio

"On behalf of Wayne Hospital, I am very pleased with the work completed by Oncology Solutions. Your information was accurate and thorough. Explanations to diverse groups from doctors to administrators to board members was easy to follow and understand. I will be very happy to recommend your services to other organizations seeking assistance in the development of new oncology programs and services."

Wayne Deschambeau

Nancy N. and J.C. Lewis Cancer & Research Pavillion

at St. Joseph's/Candler

Savannah, Georgia

"As a President and CEO for more than 13 years, I have worked with many different consultants in a range of specialty areas. In my experience, most consulting firms offer services geared toward end dates tied to final reports, with most engagements lasting four to six months. However, the difference with Oncology Solutions was that our Health System embarked on a journey of organizational architecture and results-based implementation that fostered collaboration from our Board to our Executive Team to our medical staff and community. Oncology Solutions' professionals exhibit the best of oncology industry knowledge and facilitation capabilities to ensure project success. The firm assisted us with our project from concept to Cancer Center opening and beyond while always tackling the most challenging aspects of the project with professionalism and diplomacy. It is for this reason that I respect, rely upon and recommend their professional expertise for oncology-related consultation."

Paul P. Hinchey
President and CEO

Griffin Hospital

Derby, Connecticut

"At Griffin Hospital, when we made the decision to seek assistance with a radiation therapy feasibility study, we researched several firms. But, only one of these firms provided a full range of oncology-specific services that ultimately served us throughout our project--from conception to facilities and equipment planning and CON submission. And, along the way, Oncology Solutions made incredible strides through collaboration with our medical staff, assistance with selection of a radiation oncology provider, education of our Board, facilitation on legal and regulatory issues related to finance and organizational structure, and many others core to the concept of developing a "world class" program and operation. Thanks to Oncology Solutions' professional guidance, our dream of establishing a comprehensive community cancer center will be a reality."

Pat Charmel
President and Chief Executive Officer

Union Health System

Terre Haute, Indiana

"Oncology Solutions became part of our team two years ago as we evaluated facility and equipment replacement, strategic and programmatic issues. They were integral to educating and working with our Board, Executive Team and medical staff to secure approval for a new comprehensive, integrated cancer center. Now that our center will be a reality--opening in 2008--we re-engaged Oncology Solutions in 2006 to assist with the integration model and strategy. Their consultants are unmatched at facilitating hospital-physician collaboration and have played an integral role with heightened cancer care delivery mechanisms for the patients of our community."

David Doerr
President/Chief Executive Officer

St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers

Indianapolis, Indiana

"As a firm, Oncology Solutions provided exceptional professional talent, innovative ideas, accurate analyses and, ultimately, the expertise to implement and exceed project goals. Our project experience with Oncology Solutions was one of genuine collaboration with our executive and medical staffs. We formed a team and accomplished project implementation together. As such, we have relied on them to complete various projects for more than a 10 year stretch for all of our oncology service line consulting needs."

Keith Jewell
Senior VP/Chief Operating Officer

"As an oncology medical director and radiation oncologist, my experience with Oncology Solutions spans many years. The firm was engaged to assist our medial staff and administration with business, space and equipment planning for our original cancer center facility. As our program matured, we re-engaged Oncology Solutions over the years to assist with organizational planning, disease site program planning and joint venture opportunities. Now, 10 years later, Oncology Solutions is assisting us with expanding our existing facility to a major comprehensive cancer center of 60,000+ GSF. Throughout all of my experiences, Oncology Solutions has been very physician-industry savvy, equally hospital and physician supportive, and very creative and efficient in their consulting and implementation practices. Oncology Solutions definitely has served many times as a catalyst for our oncology service line growth."

Peter Garrett, M.D.
Radiation Oncologist
Medical Director, Oncology Services

Health Partners

St. Paul, Minnesota

"Oncology Solutions has provided guidance with several of our radiation oncology feasibility projects throughout the years. Their knowledge of industry trends, legal and regulatory issues, financial positioning and organizational planning is unsurpassed in oncology consulting. I have valued their responsiveness, their ability to work effectively with physicians, and their comprehensive approach to problem solving for their customers. For these reasons, we continue to rely on Oncology Solutions to guide us as a health system."

Megan Remark
Chief Operating Officer

Surgical Oncologist

New York, New York

"My experiences with Oncology Solutions have been multi-faceted. As a practicing surgical oncologist, Oncology Solutions assisted our oncology physician practice plan spanning radiation, medical, GYN and surgical oncology with assessing our billing and operational concerns. Their efforts in this engagement really paid off as we recognized substantial improvements with our billing and collections processes. Subsequently, I was co-engaged as a consultant with Oncology Solutions to provide Medical Director oversight for the development of the only comprehensive cancer center in the Caribbean. Not only was Oncology Solutions exceptional to work collaboratively with during this process but their professional team was integral to making the project a success from a range of aspects including planning, budgeting, medical staff and executive team relations, technologies and facilities development, and marketing and fundraising guidance. Without Oncology Solutions, these project successes could not have been realized."

Bert Petersen, M.D.

Corporate Headquarters

150 E. Ponce de Leon Avenue
Suite 400
Decatur, GA 30030-2553

Resource Center

Speak with one of our professionals or learn valuable information from our resource library.


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